The 50th Anniversary of the Scientific-and-technical collected articles 
“Strength of Materials and Theory of Structures”

94, 95, and 96-th issues are printed at 50th Anniversary of its foundation.

Scientific-and-technical collected articles “Strength of Materials and Theory of Structures” was founded by the initiative of Professor D. Weinberg (1905-1973) in 1965. At 1965-1973 Professor D. Weinberg was its Editor-in-Chief, Head of Structural Mechanics Department and Research Laboratory of thin-walled spatial structures of Kiev Civil Engineering Institute

96 issues were published since journal founding. The journal contains scientific articles about results of fundamental researches on actual topics of strength of materials, structural mechanics, solid mechanics, theory of structures adjacent applied problems of durability and reliability in engineering, construction and other fields of modern technology. The teaching of structural mechanics and information about new educational and scientific publications after the journal subject also are presented.



Scientific-and-technical collected articles “Strength of Materials and Theory of Structures”

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