Submission requirements

The manuscript is executed in a text editor Microsoft Word.

Format - A5 (15 x 22.5 cm), margins - "mirror", top - 2.3, bottom - 1 cm, inside and outside - 1.4 cm, "binding" - 1 cm. Font - Times New Roman. Line spacing is single.

The structure of the article

1. UDC code - normal font, size 10, horizontal formatting - "left".

2. The title of the article - capital (capital) letters (bold, 10 point), formatting the text horizontally - "in the center".

3. Surnames and initials of the authors (bold, 8 point, formatting - "in the center"), their degree and title (regular font, 8 point, comma) and a reference to the following lines, which indicate the place of work of the authors.

4. The place of work of the authors (if the authors work in one organization, it is indicated once for all authors; italics, 8 point, formatting - "center").

5. Abstract in the language of the article (regular font, 8 point) and, from a new line, keywords (regular font, 8 point, formatting the text horizontally - "width").

6. The main text of the article (regular font, 10 point). Horizontal text formatting - "width". Paragraph - indentation 0.4 cm.

7. References (8 point).

8. Translation of the References in English - References (8 point).

9. Extended annotations in Ukrainian and English, consisting of at least 1800 characters, including keywords (8 point).

10. Bibliographic information about the article in Ukrainian and English (see example of article design) (8 point).

11. Information about the authors (8 point).


Structural parts 1-5 are separated by one empty line, 8 point, parts 5-7 by two empty lines 10 point.


According to the resolution of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine dated 15.01.2003 № 7-05 / 1, the text of the article must contain the following information: statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of recent research and publications on which the author relies; formulation of the purpose of the article (task statement); presentation of the main research material with a full justification of the obtained scientific results (initial relations, solving equations, algorithms for solving problems, the results of experimental or numerical research and their discussion); conclusions and prospects for further development in this direction. The text of the article should be structured by thematic sections (section headings - in bold in the line at the beginning of the paragraph), the titles of the sections "introduction" and "conclusions" are mandatory.


Formulas are typed in the MS Equation or MathType formula editor. Articles in which formulas are typed by the MS WORD formula editor are not accepted. Formulas that are referenced in the text are numbered on the right side in Arabic numerals in parentheses. If a group of formulas occupies more than one line, the number is placed opposite the last formula of the group. Formatting numbered formulas horizontally - "right". The values ​​of the parameters that must be set in the MS Equation or MathType formula editor are as follows:



- Normal 10 Fri;

- Large index - 7 pt;

- Small index 5 pt;

- Large symbol 16 pt;

- Small symbol 10 pt.


Drawings for the article should be made in electronic form, made in a graphic editor (or scanned) in color mode - "shades of gray" and placed in the places specified by the author in the text of the article by using the procedure WORD "Insert image from file". Drawings are numbered and signed (if necessary). Numbering and signing of figures is performed in 8-font font (for example: "Fig. 1" or "Fig. 1. Characteristic dependencies…"). The pictures are placed in the middle of the page, "interrupting" the text. Drawings should not be overloaded with unnecessary inscriptions and explanations. Necessary explanations are given in the text of the article. Articles in which drawings are made using WORD or Excel are not accepted for printing.

The tables are located in the text of the article and are marked at the top and right as "Table 1", "Table 2", etc. Below, in the center of the row, is the name of the table (if necessary), then - the table itself. There should be no empty cells in the top rows of the table.


The list of references is highlighted by the subheading "СПИСОК ЛІТЕРАТУРИ" and is drawn up in accordance with the interstate standard GOST 7.1 - 2006: The list of used literature must contain at least 5 references. Font 8 point, the names of the authors of literary sources are in italics. In the text, the numbering of references to literary sources is performed in Arabic numerals, enclosed in square brackets. References are given in the original language. The list of references is made in the language in which the article is written, and is duplicated in Latin in the form of transliteration of the authors' names, the title of the article, as well as their own names, publishers, etc. (another list). The translation of the article title is given in parentheses after the transliterated title of the article. Transliteration of information is required in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 27.01.2010 №55 (


The bibliography is followed by extended (at least 1800 characters, including keywords) annotations in Ukrainian and English, containing the names of the authors, the title of the article, annotations and keywords.


After the annotations, information for the Ukrainian abstract journal and information about the authors (8 point) are provided.


(see  "An example of the design of the main structural parts of the manuscript of articles")